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January 14, 2011
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Cast - Lady Ink by RobinRone Cast - Lady Ink by RobinRone
(Artwork by *RobinRone)

Name: Lady Ink
Age: Unknown
Physical Description: 6' 4", 1.93m. Dark brown/black eyes. Spindly and elongated, but oddly strong.
Chosen by: NA
Gift description: NA

Lady Ink is a very structured, formal, and severe individual. She likes things neat, tidy, and carefully organized. She's not particularly interested in pondering the world, only in making sure it runs smoothly. As a result, Lady Ink is always focused on the end result and how she can get there, rather than enjoying and understanding the process along the way. She's a perfectionist and very proud of the efficiency and skill with which she accomplishes her tasks. Lady Ink is ever logical and will approach problems from a rigid, clear level. When she speaks, she gets right to the point, expressing herself in clear, concise, and elegant terms. Wherever she goes, Lady Ink strikes a powerful figure, her back straight and her strides purposeful.

Typically, Lady Ink projects a cold and impassive facade. However, she still feels emotion deep beneath her icy mask. She always carefully controls herself, burying her feelings. Rarely will she exhibit any sign of emotion, which she views as an irrational weakness of character. These bottled responses build up over time, and when they finally become too much to bear, Lady Ink will often commit sudden, brash, and seemingly out-of-character actions. Examples of this include her sudden scolding of Mudd, which led to him leaving their home, as well as her writing in The Book, leading to our current predicament. Lady Ink always feels exceptionally ashamed of these outbursts and will do everything she can to pretend they never happened. To date, she has never admitted fault or apologized for anything. Nor does she have any intention of revealing her role in causing The Book's current state of chaos. She's certainly not going to volunteer that information, especially not to her Brother.

Lady Ink has existed since the moment the first story was told. At first her form was very primitive, little more than an animate skeleton with piercing eyes. The structures she created were fierce, blocky Constructs. As the shape of the world's stories took on more complexity and dimension, so did Lady Ink. Sometime in the 1400s Lady Ink's humanoid form began to stabilize and her Constructs became more consistent and elegant. Since that time, she has focused on perfecting her abilities and attempting to maximize the efficiency of her work.

Her relationship with her Twin has changed significantly over time. When they first came into being, they were nearly symbiotic in their behaviors, two halves of one whole, and resembled one another very closely in demeanor. They were simple creatures, and could share in simple concepts. As the Worlds became more complex, Lady Ink and her Twin had less and less in common. They began having difficulty understanding one another. Lady Ink became frustrated with her Twin's inexplicable and illogical behaviors, not to mention his disregard for their duty in caring for The Book. Eventually, his carelessness pushed her too far, and she exploded in a gale of righteous anger. When Mudd left, she was completely at a loss. She'd never been alone before. Refusing to admit fault, she locked herself away in the Land Between and attempted to nurture The Book on her own. Surely it wouldn't be hard to fulfill her Twin's role. After all, his work ethic was terrible and his approach sloppy. In fact, she was certain she'd do even better than he ever had.

Except she couldn't.

Try as she might, Lady Ink couldn't grasp the illusive and ever-changing nature of her brother's Functions. The harder she tried, the worse everything became. The stories of the World became simplistic, repetitive, and stale. They lacked any emotive qualities, designed instead to accomplish obvious ulterior motives, such as selling toys or championing an agenda. All the while, evidence of her brother's touch in the Worlds would occasionally appear in The Book spontaneously, as if to mock her failure to create meaning without him. It was a constant, needling frustration that eventually she could no longer bear. In a fit of fury, she did the unthinkable. She wrote in the book. And started the end of the Worlds.

She eventually recognized she could not stop The Book's unmaking on her own. Begrudgingly, she hunted her Twin down and told him what was happening, although she did not reveal why the unmaking began. Her Twin agreed to help, but to their dismay they discovered that even when both of them entered The Book, they could not endure what it had become. Hastily withdrawing before they were harmed beyond repair, they decided to search the Worlds for people to enter The Book in their stead. Now Lady Ink is on a quest to find agents to return The Book to order, the guilt and shame hidden in her heart driving her forward.

She is the essence of structure and form. She is not a Muse in the traditional sense, but a Source that stories tap into to gain shape. Anything can have a story. For example, the story of a building takes many forms, from mathematical calculations of stress and strain, to architectural drawings, to financing matrices, to press releases. Lady Ink's power is in the crafting of each of these documents. Her power was drawn through The Book as she walked through its Pages, helping unformed ideas take shape much as a gardener might cultivate a rose bush. Anyone and anything can tap into her skills without even knowing it. When she interacts directly with the Worlds, she could choose to give special few her direct attention. These individuals become technical prodigies, possessing incredible skills.

Now that The Book is in chaos, Lady Ink is no longer able to tap into her full power. She can, however, still create portals into The Book, as well as produce a Construct for each of her representatives to help them on their quest.

For more information on Constructs, see: [link]
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FJTrickster58 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011
I have a logic snafu maybe you could help me by giving me a little better understanding of Lady Ink. She sounds very stubborn and logical about her choices and all her decisions are deliberate and with a single deliberate intent for the outcome.

I really want to have a construct gift but it seems to me that Lady Ink wouldn't want anything to do with the character I'm thinking of using as my character is wild, reckless, and impulsive. Basically everything Lady Ink disapproves of. If Lady Ink doesn't like to admit her own faults and limitations it doesn't seem like she'd want to help out such a wild card.

am I wrong with this assessment or is that fairly close to your idea of Lady Ink?

PS sorry to keep bugging you with questions ^^;
RobinRone Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011  Professional Artist
I think it might depend on if she views your character as being a necessary part of the structure to success or not. If she's got a mental road-map to solving her problem, and she needs a specific element that your character might serve, then she might pick someone that seems out of "type" for her.
FJTrickster58 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011
ah right because the whole point is the outcome. Hmm I think that really helps thanks.
FJTrickster58 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011
Do you need to be chosen by the same person who gives you a gift or can they gain the gift from another of the cast during the process of the opening story? For example a character gets sucked in by the book but something that happens during this intro story gains the interest of say Lady Ink who then gives the character a gift?
RobinRone Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011  Professional Artist
They can get a gift from another person in the cast than the one that sends them. However, OCs may NOT have more than one gift.
Murphyslaw159 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2011  Student Writer
The first Constructs she made... are they still around, could you give some examples, and would she give those to her "underlings"?

Not to be pushy or anything...
RobinRone Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2011  Professional Artist
Very, very basic shapes. Line. Circle. Square. And I don't see any reason why she wouldn't give those to somebody.
CalixLove Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2011  Student Writer
Hypothetically, could Lady Ink change her own shape? Or is it possible that Lady Ink could recruit someone to help her in collecting a character?
RobinRone Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2011  Professional Artist
Mudd could, but Lady Ink is a much more rigid personality. She isn't likely to change her shape.

She IS likely to recruit others to help her and delegate tasks to them. She's very structured and organized, so it would not be out of character for her to create networks of helpers.
Second-Person-Point Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
What kinds of helpers does she have? :?
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