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Cast - Mudd by RobinRone Cast - Mudd by RobinRone
(artwork by *RobinRone)

Name: Varies. Currently, goes by "Mudd"
Age: Unknown
Physical Description: Height: 5' 8", 1.74m. Green eyes. Short, stocky, fairly fit.
Chosen by: NA
Gift description: NA

Mudd is very free-flowing, laid-back, and uninhibited. He lives in the moment and never plans anything ahead. Instead, he spends most of his time wondering about the Worlds and the people in them. He finds something to be fascinated by in everything, and can study something as simple as a blade of grass for hours. Mudd drifts through life and faces whatever comes up with exuberance, not really caring about having a goal, only about the meaning he can find in the moment. He'll often start things on a whim and abandon them half-done, never staying committed to any one concept for long. He's a natural people-person, with a friendly and charismatic demeanor that can charm even the most suspicious grump. Mudd doesn't like things to be too fancy or clean, preferring a comfortable level of disorder.

Mudd exhibits a lot of boyish qualities, viewing everything as an adventure. He hates responsibility and avoids commitment, fearing that it will tie him down. He values freedom above all else, and isn't afraid to passionately defend it. That said, in personal disagreements he can be a bit of a coward, and will often run away from conflict, particularly if he's in the wrong. Since he can be a bit sloppy and careless, Mudd is at fault for things fairly often. If he can't charm his way out of his mistake with his winning smile and innocent air, he'll often find a way to dodge the consequences and skip town. Despite his faults, Mudd is a likable scamp with a thirst for knowledge and adventure.

Mudd has existed since the moment the first story was told. At first his form was very primitive, little more than an animate mound of clay in a vaguely humanoid shape. The meanings he created were crude, basic Functions. As the meaning of the world's stories took on more subtleties, so did Mudd. Mudd reached a basic humanoid shape fairly quickly, much faster than his sister, but unlike his Twin his form never fully stabilized. Although his ability to create Functions gained more finesse and variety, he has never attempted to perfect his skills. He works from a place of instinct, preferring to let the meanings come on their own and change as they please.

His relationship with his Twin has changed significantly over time. When they first came into being, they were nearly symbiotic in their behaviors, two halves of one whole, and resembled one another very closely in demeanor. They were simple creatures, and could share in simple concepts. As the Worlds became more complex, Mudd and his Twin had less and less in common. They began having difficulty understanding one another. Mudd became frustrated with his Twin's inflexibility and her strict behavior, not to mention her constant lectures about their duty to care for The Book. He began to resent her and The Book. Too scared to confront her directly, he became very casual in his treatment of The Book. He dog-eared its Pages, damaged its spine, and spilled things on it. Eventually, his carelessness pushed her too far, and she exploded in a gale of righteous anger. He took it as an excuse to escape his job at the Land Between and live full-time in the Worlds. In a matter of moments, he packed a few belongings in his satchel and struck out with his trusty walking stick. He never looked back.

The Worlds have been a fascinating place to wander, and every time he felt a twinge of conscious for leaving his sister alone, he'd just find something to distract himself with until he forgot all about that silly little argument. He studiously ignored the slow dulling of the Worlds around him as the stories grew stale, but every so often it would get bad enough that he'd notice. When that happened, he'd bless a mortal or two with a burst of his powers and watch as they filled their world with pockets of brilliant color again. It was enough for him to shrug off the gray gloom for a bit, until the next time it got too much to stand.

When he saw Lady Ink again, it shook him. It wasn't how she looked. No, she was the same ol' Ink, stiff and starched. Still, something She was different, somehow, and not for the better. A part of him wanted to ask, but a larger part of him was pretty sure it was his fault, and he decided he didn't want to know. The lingering guilt may have been what made him agree to help her with minimal grumbling, but to his dismay he was no longer capable of walking in The Book. Stunned, he agreed with Ink's plan to send people into The Book. Now he searches the Worlds for likely candidates, mulling over the mystery of what could have thrown The Book into madness.

He is the essence of meaning and function. He is not a Muse in the traditional sense, but a Source that stories tap into to gain their purpose. Anything can have a story. For example, the story of a building takes many meanings, from a place of inspiration, to despair, to belonging, to isolation. Mudd's power is in the formation of each of these feelings and moods. His power was drawn through The Book as he walked through its Pages, helping unformed feelings flow into the proper places, much like a farmer building irrigation for his crops. Anyone and anything can tap into his skills without even knowing it. When he interacts directly with the Worlds, he can choose to give a special few his direct attention. These individuals become inspirational figures, possessing an undefinable ability to make people feel and understand things, even if no words are spoken.

Now that The Book is in chaos, Mudd is no longer able to tap into his full power. He can, however, still give paths, doors and devices the purpose of connecting to The Book, as well as produce a Function for each of his volunteers to help them on their journey.

For more information on Functions, see: [link]
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soltree Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2011   General Artist
Quick question about Muddy. Is he kinda absent minded and easily distracted because in one of my tryout concepts I have him forgetting his task of searching for people briefly and forgetting to explain the situation to my characters... ^^;
RobinRone Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2011  Professional Artist
He can be a little distract-able. He's more about the meaning of the moment, not the strict tasks.
soltree Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2011   General Artist
Alright thanks!
Just-Nith Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011
Just gotta know, where there a strong Aboriginal influence at work here? I feel like this guy jumped right out of Dream-Time mythos, even his world spanning Walk-About seems to coincide!
RobinRone Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011  Professional Artist
Nope. I just wanted a personality and look opposite of Lady Ink, who was created first.
Just-Nith Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011
It is amazing how the noosphere seems to correlate spontaneous mental imagery into potentially relative and definable forms! :D
RobinRone Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011  Professional Artist
The brain is a crazy place. :)
Just-Nith Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011
*was not where
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