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Regaining consciousness was a slow, pleasant process.  Everything felt perfectly warm and soft.  Safe.  Surely, it was too good to be true.  

Frost took a deep breath, taking in the scent of lavender and old wood.  His fingers curled through downy comforters and fuzzy, flannel sheets.  Eyelids heavy, he gradually opened his eyes.  Rays of sunshine through drawn curtains illuminated the intricate dance of dust motes in the air.  A few well-tended plants sat in pots next to the window.  Herbs, he guessed, since they didn't have any blooms.  Turning his head allowed him a view of wooden beams and white plaster, accented by a scattering of scrolls with symbols he didn't recognize and crystal pendants that turned the light to rainbows.  At last, his eyes settled on the woman who sat reading at his bedside.  Her hair was mussed, brow furrowed in concentration as she studied the tome.  Frost felt a smile grow on his face.

"Rhiannon?" he asked, his voice rough with sleep.  "Is this a dream?"

She snorted, shutting the book with a soft Thmp.  "I'm sure there are far more exciting things to dream about than me," she replied.

Frost's grinned sleepily, "I can't think of any."

She colored slightly, but the Winter Fae didn't notice as he tried to extricate himself from the blankets.  Rhiannon helped him prop a pillow behind his back.

"You're still recovering.  That iron poisoning was pretty bad.  All things considered, you're doing pretty well.  We should be able to get you on a plane back to the US soon."

Frost blinked.  "Back to the US?  Why?"

Rhiannon frowned, shifting her chair farther away from him.  She folded her hands in her lap, holding them there as though they would skitter away at the slightest provocation.  Taking a deep breath, she looked him in the eye, her face cold and devoid of emotion.  

"You don't belong here, Frost."

He blinked again, this time more rapidly, and quickly glanced away.  His eyes skittered about the room until they latched onto a crystal hanging in the window.  The pale fingers of his hands balled into fists in the comforters.  He took a shaky breath in, closing his eyes.  Letting it out in a gusting sigh, he swallowed.  His voice was strictly even when he spoke.

"Do you mean, in Germany, or…"

"I mean here.  In this house," Rhiannon replied harshly.  She looked down, the knuckles on her hands turning white as they clasped each other like claws.  Then, almost as an after-thought, she added.  "…With me."

Frost broke his gaze away from the crystal, eyes glassy and a little too wide, mouth stretched into a thin, tense line.  


Rhiannon stood abruptly, pacing away.  She paused by the far end of the bed, crossing her arms tightly with her back turned to him.  "I don't have to explain myself," she said curtly over her shoulder.

Silence reigned in the room, sharp as a razor's edge, broken only by the muted tones of a wind-chime outside.  It was as if neither of them even dared to breathe.  Rhiannon's shoulders quivered with tension.  Something had to break.  Finally she whirled around, fists clenched, and shouted, "I am CURSED!"

A bitter, broken smile spread to half of Frost's weary face.  "No more than me," he replied softly.

"You don't GET it!" she continued, "People DIE around me.  Or WORSE!  I'm not going to add you to the list!"  For a moment she jerked towards the door as if to storm out, but an unseen force seemed to hold her there.  She gripped the wooden footboard, black nail polish flecked with refracted rainbows, almost as though she was bracing herself for a storm.

Frost didn't look at her.  He seemed intent on studying his hands, still clenched in the soft folds of the comforters.  Tiny scars criss-crossed the skin, like a map of old memories.  When he spoke, his voice was quiet and fragile, but they seemed loud in the still room.

"I've brought a lot of bad things into my life.  Made stupid choices.  Created enemies.  I filled my life with terrible things," his eyes rose, finding hers, his voice falling to a whisper.  "But you are not one of them."

Rhiannon pressed her lips together.  "I have no right to put you in danger--"

"That's not your CHOICE!" Frost exclaimed, voice cracking with pent up emotion.  "If there's danger, the only place I want to be is with you.  Because the worst thing I can imagine is losing my only friend because I wasn't there to help!"  

He crushed his eyes shut and jammed the base of his palm against his cheek, suppressing a sniffle.  "The second worst thing is crying like a stupid baby in front of you.  So knock it off."

Rhiannon seemed to deflate, tension flooding out of her shoulders as she slumped.  She shook her head and returned to the chair at his bed-side, falling bonelessly into the seat.  As he regained his composure, she pretended to study the ceiling .  Eventually she tilted her head to look at him out of the corner of her eye.

"You really wouldn't go even if I told you to, would you?"

"Fuck no.  I'd be camped outside your door like a hobo."

She snorted.  "Stubborn."

"Look who's talking," he shot back.

Rhiannon reached out and gently folded her fingers around his with a slight squeeze.

"I missed you, Frost."

He just smiled softly and held her hand.
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Part Twenty-Five: You are Here

Decided to de-stress with Frost & Rhi. I've been mulling over how to move forward with FiG for a while, especially how long to draw out the relationship beats. This morning I just decided -- screw it. When people are in love, the most consuming and difficult tension to hold is will-they-won't-they bullshit. It is unbearable, and if you truly care about someone, typically the first thing to break.

I also wanted to highlight on how far Frost has come through knowing Rhiannon. How long he's able to maintain perspective now, even if he wants to launch down the same old patterns of being the Rejected Child. Rhiannon is worth resisting those familiar roads. They're worth enough to each other to become more than they are now.

So forgive me if I get a little sappy. It's been a rough few months. I needed this.

Hugs to you all. Especially you guys. Yeah, you. You know who you are. Knowing you're out there makes a world of difference.

Frost belongs to me. Rhiannon belongs to :iconjotyler:
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SkysongMA Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012  Student Writer

Frost actually made his crazy stubbornness work for him!
RobinRone Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2012  Professional Artist
Don't say stubbornness never did anything good. Just because 9/10 times it means getting punched in the face doesn't mean that 10% isn't worth it. :)
TheBuggiest Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
... :D

It's good to know someone out there is continuing their projects. Also this is great.
RobinRone Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2012  Professional Artist
I don't know if FiG will ever end. It's one of the few projects I've made that doesn't have a set ending. A vague game-plan, yes, but an ending? It's just as much a surprise to me as it is to everyone else.
TheBuggiest Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
xDDD I've got problems with getting stuck in that planning stage and never progressing, myself.
topios Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

I missed thiiiis.

And that's about as much coherent commenting as we can manage.

RobinRone Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2012  Professional Artist
I missed it too. I don't know when I'll have time to work on FiG again, but this feels like a good place to let it sit for a while. :)
topios Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, this is a good place to take a break, it does kinda have an "ending" feel to it even if most of us hope it's just a temporary one. You can always return to it when the time and/or inspiration is there (because we all know inspiration rarely cares about showing up when there's free time available. Heh).
JoTyler Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
oh my gods the noise i made when i saw this in my messagesssssss
and then as i was readiiiinnngggg
gods they are so stubborn and SO adorableeeeee~
i love itttt

</fangirl mode>
RobinRone Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2012  Professional Artist
I'm always so nervous when I post stuff with Rhi -- I want to write her correctly! I'm so glad you like it!!
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